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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Who is eligible to enter?

Clubs - In Season 2023/24, eligible cricket clubs must be affiliated to the SCA, NSWDCA or Country Cricket NSW. 

Players - You must be a current season player for the club you are representing as evidenced by a registration in PlayHQ. You must be 16 years or older to represent your club in the NSW Community Cup. You must also have participated in at least one fixture in the current season prior to participating in the NSW Community Cup.

2. Who is ineligible to enter?

Clubs - NSW Premier Cricket Clubs are not eligible to enter a team.

Players - Any player who has played in an NSW Premier Cricket Competition in the current season (Grades 1-5) are not permitted to play for a community club in the NSW Community Cup.

3.  When are matches being played?

Matches will be played on every 2nd Sunday throughout the Summer Cricket season.

Round 1 of the Cup will commence on Sunday, 3 December 2023.*

Round 2 of the Cup will commence on Sunday, 17 December 2023.*

Round 3 of the Cup will commence on Sunday, 21 January 2024.*

Round 4 of the Cup will commence on Sunday, 4 February 2024.*

Round 5 of the Cup will commence on Sunday, 18 February 2024.*


*The above dates are subject to change and dependent on the number of teams that enter the Cup.


4. Where are the matches being played?

Round matches will be played on a local synthetic or turf wicket field. The team listed as the 'Home' team is responsible for organising the venue for their match. Your local Association may be able to assist with a venue on a Sunday.

Our intention is to host the Finals Day (Last four teams) at Cricket Central towards the end of the Summer Season (February/March 2024).

5. What is the cost to enter?

$500 plus GST per team. 

6. Is there prize money?

Yes, also to be announced. Dependent on the number of team entries.

7. Are matches umpired?

The intention is to have official umpires for as many rounds of the Cup as possible utilising local Umpire Associations and accredited NSWCUSA members.

8. Can my club enter multiple teams?

Yes! We understand that many Community Clubs are large in their member bases, many of which may want to enter the Cup this season with their teammates.

Community Clubs that enter multiple teams will have their participating players tracked utilising the 'Cup-Tied' system. 

9. What does 'Cup-Tied' mean?

Once a player represents a team in the Cup, they become 'Cup-Tied' to that team. That player is no longer eligible to represent any other team in the Cup including another team from the same club (should a club have entered multiple teams).

Playing an ineligible player will result in that team's disqualification in the Cup.

10. What do Team Fee costs cover?

Administration, Balls, Umpires at least from Rd of 16 and prize money. 

11. Who pays ground costs?

The home team will pay the ground costs, this will be drawn at random, please ensure you nominate your intended home ground when filling in the Team Nomination Form.

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